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San Jose Office System Design Engineering

13 May 2020

San Jose Office

System Design Engineering


Full Time



7 years

CNEX Labs, Inc. is a stealth mode start-up company chartered with developing hardware and software solutions for solid-state-storage. Led by an experienced management team and well-funded by strategic investments from tier 1 companies in storage and networking, CNEX is quickly advancing product technology to deliver high-performance and extreme scalability for the next generation of storage.  CNEX has 50+ employees in the US and Europe, and 100+ employees in China.

Job Overview:

We are looking for a SOC Logic Design engineer to develop ARM based SOC subsystem for our next generation products. This is a unique opportunity to put your passion for cutting edge microarchitecture, logic and RTL design to work in high performance SOC interfaces manufactured on the leading-edge process nodes. The ideal candidate for this role will work in a highly dynamic, fast-paced, results-oriented environment. The ideal candidate will work with verification and architecture teams to deliver and maintain critical features for existing and future products.


  • Design of ARM based SOC subsystem along with security features.
  • Identify, evaluate, and integrate various ARM IPs like AMBA(AHB/AXI) bus matrix, Crypto cell, ETM, interrupt controller, peripherals etc.
  • Create logic solutions that meet challenging power, frequency and area goals.
  • Code RTL representations of your hardware design, collaboratively defining verification strategies.
  • Perform sanity check on ARM SOC subsystem.
  • Create verification plan from specification and in coordination with architects and designers.
  • Work with local and overseas teams with good communication skills.


  • 7+ years of SOC design experience.

    • Strong experience in the design and development of Embedded Secure Systems.
    • Very good understanding of SoC security (e.g. Secure Boot, Secure Debug, ARM Trustzone, etc).
    • BS in CS, EE or relevant field, MS preferred.
  • Knowledge of ARM IPs like VIC, LDMA, ETM, I2C controller, Timers etc.
  • Experience in high performance SOC internal bus architectures based on AMBA (AXI/AHB/APB).
  • Expertise in Hardware Design Languages (System Verilog/ Verilog).
  • Ability to use C/Assembly to perform sanity checks on ARM based SOC designs.
  • Outstanding communication and presentation abilities.

Competitive salary and benefits package offered!

Please Contact

Kristie Keith